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All artworks are trademarks, service marks, and tradenames, (collectively referred to as the "Material” or “Materials"), are the property of Amy King Artwork and are protected without limitation pursuant to United Kingdom and foreign copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property, and other laws. The Website including its Materials, may only be used as permitted by Amy King Artwork; all other uses, including copying, reproduction, uploading, posting, encoding, translating, modification, creation of derivative works, transmission (including mirroring) to another computer, server or website or other medium for publication, republication, or distribution, performance, display, sale, rental, lease, or storage in any network system of the Material on this Website is strictly prohibited. Removal of any digital watermark, proprietary notices, or accompanying text that may be included on or with the image is prohibited. The Website, including its Materials, may not be sold, resold, or used for any commercial use.


Copyright, certain moral rights, and other proprietary rights in certain works of art, as well as photographs of these works of art, and images of people or places, displayed on the Website or on the Members’ Sites, may be held by individuals and/or entities other than Amy King Artwork. 


Any unauthorized or prohibited use may subject the offender to civil liability and criminal prosecution under applicable laws. The use of the Material on any other website or in a networked computer environment for any purpose is strictly prohibited.

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